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  • 01. How do I proceed with my order?

    Select your product by visiting Products page and then fill the buy-now form. Once we receive your query we will revert you back with a link to proceed with your order.

    02. How much time it take to process my complete order?

    We will deliver your product as quickly as possible (not more than 24 hours) once we receive your order. However, in some case there is delay, please allow up to 48 hours of product delivery.

    03. What is PVA & Non Pva ?

    PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) are social media and email accounts like twitter, youtube, gmail, hotmail etc. which 100% verified by using phone verification method. Non PVA are the counterpart of them. We sell Both PVA and Non PVA Accounts.

    04. What Guarantee you give ?

    Our Guarantee is simple we will give verified accounts that work, if for any reason any of the accounts we supplied dont work send back to us within 72 hours and we will fix the accounts for you. After that if your account gets banned from its owner then there is nothing we can do as you have broken their terms, accounts usually only get banned if you spam them but we are sure you wont be doing that.

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